Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thoughts on Apple

No doubt the stock will hit $300. Blueray is dead. You won't see it in an Apple product. Flash is on the way out. It will be used less and Apple knows it. The iPad is the new TV. Get used to it. Apple is far from a closed system, if you can't see this it is your mind that is closed. They are more open than a PC and they make better looking products. Not to mention functional products. Censorship? Hey, Apple is making a new game and they make the rules. They have standards and they change the rules when it makes sense. There is nothing wrong with having standards, I for one think limitations make things more interesting. Ever listen to music from the 40's? Even with strict censorship it was far more sexual and interesting than the crap produced today.

And the day will finally come when the computer is an appliance, well it's here and it's called the iPad. PC's are the trucks. It will all shake down.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPhone Deflated

The best part of the Summer is over and Summer isn't even here. The whole point of this blog is to dream up the next Apple device. Make predictions about the new products and upgrades. Suddenly that all seems pointless.

I really, really love to watch Steve talk about Apple's newest product. Sometimes he lays the cheese on nice and thick. But over-all he often is selling the real deal. Not so much with new products like the iPad, which tend to be stripped down versions of what it will be. I think they do this to drive the price down while adding features and getting people used to a new interface. They have perfected this model with the iPod and it's now spawned the Apple empire. Anyway, the point is this. The 4th Generation iPhone was going to be the perfected model. This was what we've been waiting for. Happily we've all seen the os 4 updates and know a lot about what was coming this summer based on that. But to actually have the detail confirmed is just so sad.

What Gizmodo did was evil. (lulz) They aren't breaking a story, they are ruining the fun. Anyone with half a brain knows that the right thing to do would have been to either give this phone directly to Apple or the Police, or even leave your name with the bar owner, cause damn sure that guy went back for it.

So. The new iPhone is still a mystery. Apple could be testing all kinds of things. They can build what ever they want. They have tech far beyond what they sell. But they are a business and they need to make money to stay ahead. So they put out there stripped down versions of things so they can improve them year after year, until they "get it right" sometimes this is true, they take feed back and add in the features people have been asking for. And sometimes, I think they are just milking it.

Possible iPhone upgrades. Better processor, Better Battery, improved OS, improved camera, video conferencing, better car interface, better speech, better maps, multi-tasking, better screen.

June will still be a lot of fun for me, just not how I wanted things to happen. No pleasure delay here.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iPhone You Are As Good As Dead

So Apple will not be supporting the Original iPhone. I say who cares. It's several years old and it does everything it was supposed to do. If you didn't like what it did when you bought it why'd you buy it?

If you want it to be cutting edge? Get in your time machine. It's old, buy a new one. That is the world we have created. If you want something else, build it yourself. Apple doesn't make old things new, they make new things that kill the old things. And yet the world keeps on spinning.

I will admit that most posts are somewhat terrible. I'm not really even trying. I'm not even sure if anyone reads this blog. I would guess they don't. I sure wouldn't.

Anyway. The whole point is this: Apple keeps making new and better stuff and actually has pretty good support for old things. I tend to upgrade on a 2 to 3 year basis, but I also tend to buy on a this is exactly what I'll ever need basis. SO the idea is that even if support is dropped I can still be happy with what I bought. Apple needs to do this, it's what has made them great. Microsoft just keeps skinning windows. It's old and crappy and they are afraid to change it. Apple just says hey, we are a business and we are going to screw you, but guess what, if you buy our new thing, it will be awesome. It's exactly why I love them, I always look forward to the future with them. Mac Dreams...

Monday, April 12, 2010


I love a good Apple war. But honestly I think everyone needs to sit back and think for one second. We live in amazing times. If you don't like how Apple set up the iPhone, jail break it. Apple has a few goals, but the thing about flash has nothing to do with Apple making money. They make their nut by selling overpriced and beautiful hardware. The app store is there for Developers to make money, iTunes is there for record labels and movies studios and publishers to make money. The newspaper industry is dead. TV will be next. If you don't like paying for you music steal it, that is an option. If you don't like the format Apple sells music in, buy it on vinyl and rip it yourself. Apple gives you that option. In fact they give you the tools to make your own music when you buy a Mac, and the give you the store to sell it in with millions of customers. What does Microsoft ever give you besides another virus? You paid how much for Windows 7? $40? $200? which version? and got what? Shiny version of Windows 95. Great. You paid $32 for OS 10.6 and got a full OS with no restrictions that you can even load on your PC.

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Anyone who thinks Macs are for design are morons. The best performance for print design is going to come from a 64-bit PC running the latest Adobe Photoshop. Probably why Apple is so mad at Adobe. They are lazy and need to update their stupid app. Designers use Macs because they are far more efficient then PC’s when it comes to workflow. The interface is better designed too, so you don’t puke when you look at the crap fonts and such on the screen. It’s a better OS Period. Just doesn’t have the up-to-date software support the PC has.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flash Support

Why is there no flash? Apple wants developers to make money if they choose to.

It's pretty simple. Apple gives you all the tools and you can use them to make great things, then they give you the option to make money on it and a huge customer base. This is capitalism at it's best. Yes Apple restricts some things, but only when it is a conflicting business. Sure Apple could support Flash but then developers are making free online games and trying to make money from ads. Nobody wins in the model except the gamer and I'm not even sure it's a win for them all the time.

Now a developer can make a game, put it on the iPhone, charge what ever they want, even make if free and they don't pay a dime for distribution, Apple foots the bill. They will soon have the option to have Ads that people will actually click on (we'll see how well made the ads are) and make the developer money. These are amazing deals and if you think there is a better platform out there, go support it. Stop crying. Apple is a business, they want to make money. But more than anyone else, they are making it easier for the average person sitting in their garage to make money too. They have blown the doors off publishing, music making, movies and games. Wake up. Apple gave you the keys to the kingdom and you're crying about it. We live in amazing times and you're nothing but a bunch of spoiled self indulgent brats. Now shut up and bend over for Steve.

End Rant

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Future of TV is in Your Hands

Ok. Let me get this straight. iAds, iPhone OS 4, iPad, games, appstore. TV is dead. Print is dead. Media disks, dead. Nintendo also dead. desktop PC as we know it, DEAD. It's the Hardware, it's the software. Dummy.

Seriously. This is the new world order. Instant on, always connected, in your hands, all content downloads and lives in sky.

PC's are going to be fringe machines in a few years, just like books and Nintendos.

Here's what's coming, Real Apple TV's and touch screen iMacs.

Apple OWNs it. But so do you. This is how it works. Apple sells you the computer. You make music, movies, books and games with that computer. Now you want to sell it. Apple lets you sell it. You pocket the money and buy an iPhone and iPad to view your content and so does everyone else. It's beautiful. The End.

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Fan Boys

The iPad is out. Sold out. And totally awesome. As usual I'm waiting. I bought my " first" Mac in 2007. The shiny new multi-touch Macbook Pro. The best Apple computer ever made. My family had a Mac in 1997, since then I've been waiting. I dipped my toes in again when they dropped an Intel into the iMac but I passed this to my parents to replace the rather old gum drop iMac.

The way I see it Apple is just getting started. The have the faucet on a nice steady drip, sad for us, but great for them. They are raking in the cash. Too bad I didn't buy all that Apple stock in 1997, all my money went into a college education... Had I put that into Apple stock... at $4 a share. I don't even want to think about it. But I will. $40,000 /$4 = 10,000 x $241 = $2,410,000

So instead of now being thousands of dollars in debt, I'd be doing rather well. Always go with your gut.

My new project I'm working on is the "Apple Road Map" I'm going to tell you what I think Apple is going to be doing in the future and why they would do it that way. I'm pretty much basing it on everything I know about Steve Jobs and how I use the amazing products they make. There is an old photo of steve. He sits in a near empty room, a turn table, a lamp, a cup of tea, and some books. This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about what Apple is and what they will be building us in the future.

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